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Shawntwayne Cannon II, affectionately known as Shawn, is a dedicated leader with deep roots in Lancaster, California. Born in Carson, he relocated to Lancaster with his family, driven by the pursuit of greater opportunities and a passion for uplifting his community. His early experiences with social injustices, especially in the realm of education, ignited a fire within him to advocate for positive change.

Shawn's journey as an exemplary student at Desert Winds High School was marked by numerous accolades, including the prestigious Principal's Award, the Senator Scott Wilk Future Leader Award, and The Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Following graduation, he was appointed as an Avid Tutor for summer school, further cementing his commitment to education and community service.

Shawn's commitment to the community took on a new dimension when he became a parent, fueling his vision of a vibrant and inclusive environment where everyone's role is acknowledged and respected. As Deputy Mayor, Shawn tirelessly represents the underrepresented, working to address imbalances that hinder student advancement. Notably, he played a historic role in the establishment of Lancaster's Social Equity Commission during the global upheavals of 2020, becoming the city's first Gen Z City official. In addition to his role as Deputy Mayor, Shawn has served as a Field Representative for California's 21st Senate District and currently presides as the Antelope Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce President.

Shawn's mission is to bridge the community with its local governance, with a focus on securing a prosperous future for upcoming generations. He has been instrumental in addressing the housing crisis in Lancaster, playing a pivotal role in the HOME ARP Allocation Plan, which allocated $2 million in American Rescue Plan Funds for the construction of affordable housing. He has also championed the First Time Home Buyers Program, offering low-to-no interest loans to residents. As Mayor, Shawn vows to expand these policies, opening the program to workers in every industry, including entrepreneurs and small business owners, to pave the way for homeownership and solidify everyone's place in the community.

Shawntwayne Cannon II's journey and dedication exemplify why he should be the next Mayor of Lancaster. His vision for a prosperous, inclusive, and safe city, coupled with his track record of community service and leadership, make him the ideal candidate to lead Lancaster into a brighter future.


The Issues

Public Saftey.jpeg
Public Safety

Since Shawn was appointed to the Social Equity Commission, we have reimagined Public Safety in Lancaster. We are on a path towards policy that will set a precedent for Justice and Accountability for Generations to come. Shawn participated in training with members of the City Council and Department of Public Safety where consultants outlined a Co-Produced Policing Model which would require community input and buy-in to be effective. Now that we have a Police Department, Shawn will work with our Chief on concerted efforts to expand the Departments community outreach. Lancaster will be a model for Community Policing, showing that we can be smart and tough on crime at the same time. 

Econ Opportunity .jpeg
Economic Opportunity

Our city is full of small business owners, Blue Collar workers, and Community Based Organizations. We are made up of Veterans and Civil Service workers, Healthcare and Frontline workers. Far too many of us have to commute to Los Angeles for work, or fight for scraps here at home. As Mayor, I would fight to ensure our tax dollars are spent to uplift our citizens and retain local talent. It is time for Lancaster to live up to its name.

community wellness.jpeg
Community Wellness

It is time for our community to heal. This campaign is about more than just policy. It is about bringing our community together around our common ideals. A united community is a healthy community. Only together can we tackle Mental Health, keep our streets Safe, and make Lancaster a place we are proud to call home. 


As Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Social Equity Commission Shawn has helped facilitate equitable responses to our housing crisis. 


For example: The HOME ARP Allocation Plan, a comprehensive approach to spending $2million American Rescue Plan Funds on the building of affordable housing. 


 Also put into policy was the First Time Home Buyers Program that offers low-to-no interest loans for our residents. 


We can and should be doing more, and as Mayor Shawn would work to expand on these policies. Starting with opening the First time Home Buyer program to workers in every industry, including entrepreneurs and small business owners. Shawn will fight for Pathways to homeownership and solidify everyone’s place in our community.

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